Leah imprisoned yesterday for refusing to cooperate

Leah -Lynn Plante was imprisoned at SeaTac Federal Detention Center yesterday by Judge Richard Jones. She will be in there for an indefinite length of time, potentially up to March of 2014. Now is the time for solidarity! Hold a fundraiser, a solidarity march, a noise demo, and don’t forget to write to her!

Leah-Lynn Plante #42611-086
FDC SeaTac
PO Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198
More updates, including Leah’s notes from yesterday’s grand jury, coming soon.




12 responses to “Leah imprisoned yesterday for refusing to cooperate

  1. nonviolentconflict

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  2. Solidarity from Flint, Michigan. Yasher Koach!

  3. nonviolentconflict

    Solidarity with the Silent. Resistance is Fertile. In Silence We Roar!

  4. Just submitted this story to disinfo.com please visit in the next few days and comment to help raise awareness. Praying for everyone’s release.

  5. Solidarity from Las Vegas, Nevada!!!!

  6. When I was young and protesting against the Viet Nam war, I thought that my generation would avoid the same atrocities. Later I thought that the next generations were not learning from this. But gradually I have seen that every generation makes the same mistakes, the same cruelty, has the same fear that leads to trying to beat others into submission.I am glad to see that there are young people today that resist the morons in power and their blunt instrument forces. May they be happy and find peace in the justice of their cause.

  7. nice to see that non violent kids like those are treated like little osamas
    only because an old and grumpy government doesnt understand a simple
    word freedom , but freedom implies also the right to tell to your own government that when is wrong is wrong , things like the patriot act and other bullishit like this work only when guys and dolls like them will remain educated and nice like now . seems that they are doing all the possible to lower the level of debate to the only one that they understand , firearms torture and violence . welcome to the land of freedom home of the braves (to menace unarmed and lone people)

  8. The justice system in the past century has wound tighter and tighter around our personal freedoms. My husband lost much of his fire after being legally pursued by politicians who didn’t agree with him. He is now a sex offender, though he was innocent of the crime. You keep on, love. Keep your upper lip tight, make sure you get medications for the depression (believe me, they help when nothing seems to go right), and read everything.

  9. That’s really depressing, the sudden unvailing of an out-of-control police state in your country. To paraphrase a president of yours, when governments take away peaceful ways to have a revolution, the only possible outcome is a violent one. I hope you haven’t gone beyond that point, but it’s very hard to tell.

  10. Dont Just Stand There, Start Shooting Something

    When the criminals responsible for making these decisions are held accountable by the people, these infractions on our freedom will stop. Peaceful protest only works in a democracy where elected officials depend on their popularity among the people to gain office. In our fascist/corporate world, the election system has been bought out and rigged; they do not need your vote any more. The judge who condemned these innocents to prison is the first person who needs to be held accountable. All of the individuals who supported him in that decision must also be held accountable. If you don’t know what I mean by ‘held accountable’, use your imagination.

    Attacking pawns like policeman and low level bureaucrats is a waste of time. It’s the villains making policy that need to be removed from positions of authority. They are the people giving our ‘peace officers’ their marching orders.

    Most of you will feel sick reading about this abomination of justice, but you will also go back to your life and hope that you will never end up in the State’s cross-hairs. Sometime later in your life you will remember when the Orwellian nightmare first started and wish you had the courage to do something more than make comments on news stories. You will wish you had known how bad things would get so that you could find your courage and fight back before they become untouchable.

    Unfortunately, you and I both know that not enough people will do anything meaningful, and that this nightmare will continue to unfold to its inevitable conclusion.

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