March tonight in solidarity with grand jury resisters – Portland

March tonight in solidarity with Leah, Matt, and KteeO; and against the prison society! Meet up at 8:30pm at SE 35th and Taylor in Portland. Bring friends.

13 responses to “March tonight in solidarity with grand jury resisters – Portland

  1. I’d be there if I could. Solidarity from MN. Mad love for all ya’ll.

  2. wish i could be there… been following this story closely and would love to show soulidarity for leah, kteeo and matt, as well as reaffirm for myself and anarchists everywhere that we are strong in number as well as heart. nut alas, and alac, i am on the other side of the nation. hope you have/had a great turn out.

  3. I am a Romanian. My country had a communist regime until 1989. These kind of things used to happen to us under communism. Apparently, USA is heading towards being a police state, with police confiscating books and detaining people according to their political believes… Orwells’ 1984 for real.

  4. As someone only this morning made aware of Leah, I am interested to know what specific and articulable facts support reasonable suspicion or probable cause that Leah has committed a crime. If none, then is her only liability that she has refused to testify about her knowledge of others or of events in which a crime occurred? If so, is this crime vandalism against the courthouse and if so, was such vandalism possibly a form of protest against some specific action previously taken by the state? Thanks!

    • What information is available regarding my questions? Other than refusing to testify, what are the charges, or possible charges, against Leah, Matt and Kteeo?

      • No answer? Really? I’m not suggesting that what’s happening is just, but I think it’s important for Leah’s supporters to know why she is a person of interest. I’m not judging her, even if she stands accused of a crime.

  5. I live too far away to be there but will be with you in spirit & solidarity.

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  7. I heard it was canceled because of the rain?

  8. Your message is getting out. Keep it up. I live in Montana. I am an outdoorsman, politician (Libertarian), pool player, and grandpa. Not exactly what you would expect from a person that would care about Leah and her friends. What is happening to them is WRONG! We have got to start standing up for each other.

  9. dpwaz:
    There are no charges, they were granted immunity by the grand jury which means you lose your 5th amendment rights… so yeah its all in here in Leahs statement:

  10. Billy: Immunity from what alleged charges?

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