Seattle FBI now targeting climate activists

In the past 48 hours at least six Seattle climate activists have been approached by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at their home or school. In light of recent revelations about the extent of state surveillance by federal agencies we feel it is important to share this information with the broader activist community in Seattle and nationwide.

Please show solidarity with the Seattle activists facing this investigation
by sharing this statement. We will provide updates if the situation

15 responses to “Seattle FBI now targeting climate activists

  1. Interesting to note that the ‘new language ‘ in the 2013 NDA has been changed to ‘any american found hostile to the government’ as that would now include ‘eco terrorist activity’ Just more of the continued overtaking of our government by corporate interests and a fascist leaning government. We all need to fight back

  2. Do we have a source for this information? I would love to know more/repost/spread the word. Thanks!

  3. Michael Grondin

    Not to mention animal rights activists. the animal experimentation site for Oregon State University has contact info for homeland security so their scientists can report any suspicious activity. I remember the number one piece of advice on that page to the scientists as to what they should do when contacted by an animal rights advocate: “Don’t panic!”

  4. The FBI are among the true domestic terrorists…

  5. still trying to wrap my brain around how any free and sovereign sentient being is subject to the self-appointed authority of any other being or group of beings based on the premise that deadly force or any force will be used to obtain cooperation…that is called slave keeping and the last I checked, I’m still free, still sovereign and any species or member thereof that would treat with me in any manner to the contrary is truly a barbaric sub- or under-evolved being which I will have to guard against with what ever means necessary…js

  6. We want a democracy, not a corporate-military empire.

  7. the government is about maintaining the government .. life gets simpler, when that is grasped. at least for me.

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  9. “Interesting to note that the ‘new language ‘ in the 2013 NDA has been changed to ‘any american found hostile to the government’”

    Citation needed.

  10. “we all need to fight back”

    that sounds like hostility to the government. TERRORIST!!

  11. I like breathing…drinking clean water too. Will I be arrested for it?

  12. “It’s not enough to obey Big Brother. You must LOVE Big Brother. Only then will we kill you…when we’re ready.” -G. Orwell, 1984-

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