We condemn the current round of FBI raids and the grand jury convening in Seattle, as well as all forms of repression against challenges to capitalism, the state, hierarchy, and domination. We are based out of Portland and came together to support those who are directly affected by the raids and grand jury. To contact us, email us at nopoliticalrepression@gmail.com.

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  1. Dear Friends up North,

    we wanted to send a message from the Banker’s Dozen and Friends in Davis, CA. While we aren’t facing a grand jury, we are facing an extensive court case and the potential of years in jail for allegedly interfering in a bank’s lawful business; the DA seems committed to prosecuting in full.

    We recognize that in the first and last instance, our strength and our defense rest on a foundation of unshakeable solidarity, that the bonds of friendship and the pleasures of being comrades will be the elements that will get us through and allow us to keep going once this stupid shit is over with.

    We have been fortunate to receive generous support for our legal defense fund. We are passing some of that along to your fund in turn. Money is useful in this situation, and temporary; please understand that it comes with a permanent supply of solidarity, support, and appreciation for your steadfastness.


    — jane, on behalf of the Banker’s Dozen

  2. yakpac88John Cheney

    I tried to email you at the addy above and was told address doesn’t work. Can you send me datails on the specific case you’re referring to? I’m a STAUNCH supporter of civil rights. Also, what does the ACLU say?
    John Cheney john.cheney88@gmail.com

  3. Still don’t understand what this is all about and I’ve read several of the pages on this site. Are these Occupy protesters? Grand Jury for what? What precipitated their subpoenas to appear before a Grand Jury?

  4. I am putting up fliers around my town (Tennessee college town) trying to get awareness up. I know people who have been spreading the news around about these three since their court dates. Stay strong Leah, Matt, and Katherine. We will all continue to stick behind you in solidarity and strength. You have reached people nationwide and will continue to do so. Hopefully all of your struggles will not happen in vain.

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  11. Hey there, I can’t find an email address on here with which to contact you, but me and some folks at the Denver ABC heard the good news and wanted to send cards to KTeeO and Matt, and had no idea where to send them to. If someone could email me with an address, that would be super cool. Thanks!

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