Statement by Leah-Lynn Plante for her Grand Jury appearance October 10th, 2012

On the morning of July 25th, 2012, my life was turned upside down in a matter of hours. FBI agents from around Washington and Oregon and Joint Terrorism Task Force agents from Washington busted down the front door of my house with a battering ram, handcuffed my house mates and me at gunpoint, and held us hostage in our backyard while they read us a search warrant and ransacked our home. They said it was in connection to May Day vandalism that occurred in Seattle, Washington earlier this year.
However, we suspected that this was not really about broken windows. As if they had taken pointers from Orwell’s 1984, they took books, artwork and other various literature as “evidence” as well as many other personal belongings even though they seemed to know that nobody there was even in Seattle on May Day. While we know that knowledge is powerful, we suspected that nobody used rolled up copies of the Stumptown Wobbly to commit property damage. We saw this for what it was. They are trying to investigate anarchists and persecute them for their beliefs. This is a fishing expedition. This is a witch hunt. Since then, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, we have learned that this Grand jury was convened on March 2nd, 2012, two months before the May Day vandalism even took place.

I was served a subpoena to testify before a Grand Jury on August 2nd, a week later. I hastily packed my life up into boxes, got rid of almost all of my personal belongings in preparation of incarceration. I was dismissed that day after refusing to testify and re-subpoenaed for August 30th, which was pushed back to September 13th. In that time I did a lot of self care, got my affairs in order and got advice from other people who have either resisted Grand Juries, gone to prison or both. I returned to the Grand Jury on September 13th where I was granted immunity. When you are granted immunity, you lose your right to remain silent and can be thrown into prison for civil contempt. Between consulting with my attorney and an hour long recess, I narrowly avoided a contempt hearing simply because they ran out of time. I was dismissed and was told I would receive my 4th subpoena. I walked out of the courthouse just in time to witness Matthew Kyle Duran, my fellow resister, being taken away to prison in a police van. It broke my heart to watch them kidnap an amazing and strong person and take him away from his friends and loved ones. Katherine “Kteeo” Olejnik has met a similar fate for refusing to testify on September 27th. Right now, Matt and Kteeo are both sitting in prison cells for doing nothing but remaining silent. I have nothing but love and admiration for them both and I know that thousands of others feel the same. On the drive home that night my brain felt like it was short circuiting. A few days later, I received notice that my next subpoena was for October 10th. They also notified my lawyer that they were preparing for a contempt hearing.

Court dates aside, my life has been a roller coaster. Thanks to unrelated events, I have suffered with severe depression and PTSD for many years. These are now much worse and new things trigger me. For a while after the raid, I was in a constant state of panic and I could barely eat. Every time someone knocked on the door, every time I heard any sort of loud sound in my house, my heart sank and I thought “they’ve come for me.” To the day of this writing, I haven’t slept a full night since that cold July morning thanks to nausea inducing anxiety that wakes me up between 4:00 and 7:00 every single morning. After a couple months, the initial panic has faded into grim acceptance. Despite my mental health issues, I never once considered co-operation and never would. It is against everything I believe in. On my right arm I have a tattoo reading “strive to survive causing least suffering possible.” This is something I live by every single day and will continue to live by whether I am in a cage or not.

I cannot express in words how grateful I am to all those who have shown us support and solidarity, especially our friends, partners and loved ones. We will all get through this together. I know I am a broken record with the following sentiment, but I feel like it’s worth repeating. They want us to feel isolated, alone and scared. I know that even though Kteeo has been held in what is essentially solitary confinement, she does not feel alone. I know that Matt does not feel alone. I know that I will not feel alone. When they try to mercilessly gut communities, we do not scatter, we grow stronger, we thrive. I view this State repression like this: The State thinks it is a black hole that can destroy whatever it wants. In reality, it is much more like a stellar nursery, wherein it unintentionally creates new, strong anarchist stars.

I do not look forward to what inevitably awaits me today, but I accept it. I ask that people continue to support us throughout this process by writing us letters, sending us books, donating and spreading awareness.

My convictions are unwavering and will not be shaken by their harassment. Today is October 10th, 2012 and I am ready to go to prison.

Love and solidarity to all those who resist,
Forever in silence.

Leah-Lynn Plante


25 responses to “Statement by Leah-Lynn Plante for her Grand Jury appearance October 10th, 2012

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  3. Stay Strong! I’m keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Solidarity from Phoenix, AZ. You are a warrior!

  5. Take courage, the world is watching.
    Love and solidarity from the UK

  6. Solidarity from Austin, TX. You are in our thoughts! Much love!

  7. Todays pigs_Tomorrows bacon.

  8. address to mail letters?

  9. I’ve had a Google alert out for this story for many weeks now, but I still haven’t read a report that really explains what is going on, to somebody new to all this..

    On the one hand, Leah says, “FBI agents from around Washington and Oregon and Joint Terrorism Task Force agents from Washington busted down the front door of my house with a battering ram, handcuffed my house mates and me at gunpoint, and held us hostage in our backyard while they read us a search warrant and ransacked our home.”

    One the other hand, she says, “I was served a subpoena to testify before a Grand Jury.”

    So, the natural questions include all of the following.

    Who applied for the search warrant that the FBI cited as authority for their raid and search, on what basis, on what information, to what court?

    Can the applicant for the search warrant be sued, for using false information to obtain the search warrant fraudulently, when the court would have decided that a search wasn’t really warranted, if the applicant hadn’t lied to the court to get the warrant?

    Can the FBI be sued for anything they did that went beyond their authority under the search warrant (namely searching), such as busting down the door without even knocking, assuming that the occupants would have let them in willingly, drawing guns and pointing them at unarmed citizens, and handcuffing people who weren’t trying to obstruct the search?

    And, most important, what has the raid and search in August got to do with the subpoena in September? Nowhere are we told the legal connection, if there is one. All we’re told is that Leah has a conspiracy theory that the two are connected by a single purpose, namely to persecute people with anarchist ideas in these two otherwise unconnected ways, the raid and the subpoenas. I took an interest in the story – or tried to rather, because it seemed quite likely to me that Leah’s conspiracy theory of a hidden agenda motivating both the raid and the subpoena was true, and could be proved, to the embarrassment of the conspirators.

    But asserting a conspiracy is no substitute for explaining any facts that connect to raid to the subpoena,, or saying that there’s no provable connection,, and suing over the raid, even whilst sitting in prison for defying the grand jury subpoena, if that is what the activists prefer to do.

    What I’m saying is that the over-the-top raid with the search warrant victimised those affected, quite enough to make them into publicity-worthy martyrs for their cause, without their also volunteering to make themselves even greater martyrs for the cause by going to jail, instead of of putting on a good show, in response to the subpoenas, by agreeing to attend the grand jury hearing, but then not giving the sorts of answers wanted, to make the questions seem sensible.

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  11. Leah’s address is:

    Leah-Lynn Plante #42611-086
    FDC SeaTac
    PO Box 13900
    Seattle, WA 98198

    Leah-Lynn Plante
    FDC SeaTac
    P.O. Box 13900
    Seattle, WA 98198

    Love and solidarity from Germany

  13. Solidarity from Jerusalem. Stay strong and where can support letters be sent?

  14. file criminal charges against the prosecuting attorney for fictitious plaintiff,with no standing,or facts in evidence.also they served the all cap name which is a vessel of the united states.look at birth certificate its all cap name=corporation/Bond owned by the STATE.owner assumes all liability.Give court notice wrong party served,you don’t consent to be surety and pay the debts owned by another.USAFRUCT.
    file optional form 90 and 91 into the record.

  15. Support from Poland, Europe, here. Your case is going international.

    BTW, we paid into your legal fund and I invite other folks to do the same.
    Once you leave the box, you will be a better person.
    What does not kill you, makes you stronger, girl!

  16. Solidarity from Houston,TX. Your admirable actions make you a hero in my books. I remember reading about this situation when it happened… It wasn’t right then, and its sure as hell not right now. Stay strong.

  17. Leah-Lynn Plante #42611-086
    FDC SeaTac
    PO Box 13900
    Seattle, WA 98198

    according to:

  18. blessings and love, may you be treated with respect ❤

  19. I am sending you all of my love and support Leah! You are so courageous and deserve my utmost respect and admiration! You are the bravest of the brave! I want to thank you for your strength and commitment to this struggle-I am fully aware of the fact that you are fighting the good fight for my rights too! And I want you to know how grateful I am! Know that you are not alone and never will be! I will find out where you are gonna be unlawfully put in that rat hole and I will keep in touch with you and do whatever is in my power to make you smile and to know that there are many of us just like you who but for your courage would also be kidnapped and treated like the animals who try to silence us! The day will come when those who are now stripping us of our rights will be held accountable for their crimes against humanity and will instead themselves be trapped by their very own sick thirst for power over others! Their dirty little secrets have already been exposed-now it is simply a matter of time! Stay strong my sister and know that you are loved not only by me but by countless others as well! Your friend and fellow anarchist- Zanga ((Leah)) ❤

  20. Be strong. The world is with you against the corrupt leaders.

  21. All the Love from Portugal.


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  24. Don’t be afraid. You have been incarcerated by a dying, frightened, system. Not much longer to wait now. History is taking it’s course. Make no mistake, this is not a show of strength, only panicked death throes.

    Love and support from France.

  25. When they force us to come out of hiding, we will come out of hiding. Do they really want this? They will get it nonetheless.
    I hope they continue. It will be our strength.

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