Free Maddy Pfeiffer!

maddyPOSTERbestMaddy Pfeiffer was taken into custody today at FDC SeaTac. They self-reported at 9am with about a dozen friends to walk them in. Please write to Maddy. BUT KEEP IN MIND that Maddy can’t read cursive so please print or type your letter. Any support and encouragement is tremendously appreciated by Maddy and their loved ones.

Matthew Pfeiffer #42421-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

Maddy Pfeiffer is the 4th person to be imprisoned for resisting the federal grand jury investigating anarchists and the May Day vandalism of the Nakamura federal courthouse. Matt Duran and KteeO Olejnik have been imprisoned since September, while Leah Plante was released on October.

Please write to Maddy, and continue supporting Matt and KteeO. Our strength lies in our solidarity!

6 responses to “Free Maddy Pfeiffer!

  1. Quoted Comment from Seattle’s THE STRANGER about the Grand Jury Resisters Matt and Kteeo:

    by Giffy
    “Not really any different from tax protesters or others who think they are immune from the civic responsibilities that apply to the rest of us. They are just a bit more appealing of a demographic than middle aged rich guys.

    They are not heroes, nor victims, they are just idiots who believe silly things. The ability to compel testimony is critical to a functional judicial system and a functional judicial system is key to a functional society. They’re made up nonsense does not change that, nor does it render them exempt.

    They can sit in jail until they grow the fuck up and do what they are supposed to. ”

    by pinbalwyz
    Your deprecation of the Grand Jury Resisters, given the facts, is BS! I’m a paralegal and understand your argument: A litigant (even the state) is entitled to every man’s evidence, else any trial in search of the truth is DOA.

    But here there IS no trial or I might agree, in principle, with your criticism. This is an abuse of the Grand Jury system, converting it from a shield against government excess into a sword FOR government excess. Using the Grand Jury as a fishing expedition into the private lives of a select political minority destroys the very essence of what one’s day in court is supposed to preserve. The questions asked would be rejected as immaterial in any real criminal trial. What we’re seeing is tantamount to the infamous ‘Star Chamber’ of old.

    Sure, the federal prosecutor may SAY they’re not really targeting political dissent, only investigating criminal acts. It’s an argument we desperately want to believe, so they use it. In fact, the prosecution (typically so) is much more devious, more manipulative and calculating than acting in good faith to preserve law & order. They KNOW this strategy will have a devastating effect on the hearts, souls, and minds of the targeted group. It already has. Witness Leah Plante.

    Cops and detectives actively PUNISH their targets under color of state law without/despite due process, knowing that they can arrest a ‘suspect’ on Friday with no possibility of court review/bail until Monday. They and prosecutors file charges knowing they won’t get a conviction because the process itself is expensive, hellacious, and punitive. We’re witnessing no less than the utter corruption of the federal Grand Jury system and court process.

    A litigant is entitled to every man’s evidence ONCE a complaint/charge has been filed. Prior to that, there ARE NO litigants! Hopefully readers will grasp that and understand the current spate of government excess for what it is.

  2. Reblogged this on Move for Change and the Brooklyn Culture Jam and commented:
    yet another unwilling ‘witness’ who refused to testify to the Seattle Grand Jury. Drop him a note if you can–it’s Christmas, after all…

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  4. Eh pinballwyz? Cursive isn’t taught in school anymore. Doesn’t mean Maddy has a disability… and Maddy’s pronoun is “they.” Thanks!

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  6. Clearly the Grand Jury system as it is operating today is nothing more that the Star Chamber of old. Although many systems have made this ilegal it would appear teh government is happy to ignore the law

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