Matt and Kteeo back in solitary confinement – please call the prison!

Matthew Duran and Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik were unexpectedly thrown back into solitary confinement at SeaTac FDC on December 27th, the day after Maddy Pfeiffer self-reported to the same prison. After Matt’s friends and family didn’t hear from him for a few days, his lawyer contacted him and found out that both he and KteeO were removed from the general population.

Right now we don’t know why they were moved back to solitary. It is common for prisons to arbitrarily punish the people they are keeping locked up by keeping them away from other people. Meanwhile, no one has heard from Maddy Pfeiffer since they self-reported on the 26th, and we expect they will remain in solitary for at least a week.

Please call SeaTac FDC at 206-870-5700 to demand that Matthew Duran, Katherine Olejnik, and Matthew Pfeiffer be released from prison.

Don’t let your solidarity with the grand jury resisters end with a phone call! The work we do to support the grand jury resisters is part of a broader project of refusal of hierarchy and domination, toward the destruction of prisons, borders, capital, and the state.

Solidarity with the grand jury resisters, for the destruction of all prisons!!

Take Your Mark, Get Ready, Ablate: Three Positions Against Prison

One response to “Matt and Kteeo back in solitary confinement – please call the prison!

  1. I just phoned the prison and to express my concerns I was told that I should talk to the “Institutional Lawyer” and that he would be available during regular business hours which are from 7AM-3PM.

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