Stand with Maddy Pfeiffer! – A Statement of Solidarity from Students for a Democratic Society

Just a few days ago on October 25th, an Olympia activist named Maddy Pfeiffer received a subpoena to appear before the special federal grand jury impaneled currently in Seattle. Maddy, who goes by they/them pronouns, is an Evergreen student, a brilliant and skilled organizer, and a good friend to many of us. They are also a former coordinator of Students for a Democratic Society here at Evergreen. —- Maddy has been called to appear at the grand jury chamber in Seattle at 9:00am on November 7th–a date that is rapidly approaching. They have bravely declared their absolute refusal to cooperate with the federal grand jury witch hunt against anarchists—even though it is very likely they will be imprisoned after they refuse to testify on November 7th, despite being charged with no crime.

Maddy is not the first in our community to be subpoenaed by this grand jury. If Maddy is imprisoned, they will also not be the first. Two other Olympia activists, Matt Duran and KteeO Olejnik—a former Evergreen student and SDS member—are already sitting in the federal detention center at SeaTac for staying silent. But the FBI’s subpoena of Maddy, a current student and very recent SDS coordinator who is still an important presence in the Evergreen radical community, has struck SDS and the Evergreen campus very close to its heart.

We will follow Maddy’s brave example and stand strong.

For Maddy, silence is a roar of defiance; for us, silence is resignation and defeat. We will never cooperate with federal investigations of our communities and we will use our energy, our voices, and our actions to support those who refuse to snitch on their friends. The government has turned its most terrifying weapons on the radical community in Olympia and is zeroing in on Evergreen. It is an attack on every value that Evergreen students hold dear: community, solidarity, and free political thought. The Students for a Democratic Society will meet this attack on our community with a wall of defiance and solidarity.

We call on all students and community members to join us in our refusal to cooperate with the FBI’s attempts to disrupt our communities, force us to betray our friends, and lock us in prisons. We urge all not to underestimate the significance of these recent events; we are under attack, and to ignore this fact is to surrender to the forces attacking us. We would like to remind all that everyone at Evergreen knows radicals, activists, and anarchists, and so anyone could be chosen for the next subpoena, even if they do not consider themselves of interest to the FBI. We would also like to stress this point: the grand jury, the FBI repression, the witch-hunt are not going away—they will not pass like a bad dream. We cannot lie low, keep quiet, be good, and hope to be overlooked. Resistance is the only option.

For more information about this grand jury, to read Maddy’s statement, and for information about a bus or carpool to Seattle to support Maddy on November 7th, visit For ideas about how to act in solidarity with Maddy and resist the grand jury witch-hunt, visit, or come to SDS meetings at 4pm every Wednesday in A2105.

We will not sit quietly while the state kidnaps our comrades and close friends and locks them in cages. Now is not the time for silence and isolation. Solidarity means Attack!

In solidarity,
The Students for a Democratic Society at The Evergreen State College

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