Letter From Kteeo: Mothers in Prison

Hello Everyone!

I want to start as always by saying thank you for your support. What I want to talk about today is something that I have touched on before in previous statements, but wish to expand on. That is the problem many of my new friends face as mothers in prison. So many of these women work incredibly hard to keep custody of their children, and to be good mothers regardless of their situation. This is not an easy task.

At the Federal Detention Center, in my unit, inmates can make sixteen dollars a month for their labor. That means that while incarcerated these mothers are unable to contribute to many issues of motherhood from prison. The financial side of aiding a child with incarcerated parent(s) falls […] on other family members. Add to this the incredible cost of visits and phone calls ($16 a month only buys so much phone time…). Many women have told me they have had to choose between giving money to their children and hiring a lawyer, and this is only when money is not an issue[?] How many people do we all know for whom money is not an issue? The financial aspect of this all is huge.

In addition to the cost of visits, many inmates have trouble getting family members approved to bring children, which can mean months before children can come to visit. Even if everything is in order and money is not an issue, there are still only 300minutes of telephone time a month, and several hours of face to face time each week to connect with one’s children, aid in emotional growth and help with physical/emotional problems. Is that enough?

I don’t know, there are just some thoughts that I have been wanting to share on the topic of “prison doesn’t just effect those incarcerated, but the whole family”.

So, I hope you all are well. I’m doing ok, all things considered, I’m gonna go play volleyball now.
Keep Smiling, Keep Struggling,

In solidarity and love,

3 responses to “Letter From Kteeo: Mothers in Prison

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  2. As a former mother in prison, I can reassure you this is true. I am a non violent, victimless offender. I did 9 months in a state penitentiary. The collect phone calls home to my family were so expensive, I only spoke to my kids a handful of times. I have never been abusive or neglected my kids. The separation was hundreds of miles. My kids actually sent me money for toiletries, because poor hygiene can get someone hurt in the penn. I’m off parole, going to college, following my dream, now. Please support eliminating unnecessary laws. Your mom shouldn’t be upstate.

  3. Awesome letter, KteeO. Kia kaha, e hoa. Be strong, my friend.

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