Franklin López: “One of the State’s Bullying Tools”

I first learned about grand juries by watching the Rockford Files on TV. Private dick Jim Rockford has to appear before a Grand Jury and his lawyer informs him that she cannot go in the court with him. These legal proceedings are secret, and refusing to cooperate with a grand jury can carry prison sentences. Yep, grand juries are not about justice, but one of the state’s bullying tools, that uses the “justice” system to harass and intimidate those who loudly speak against it.

It is not surprising that as Anarchism grows in popularity, the feds would try to squash our movement by using fear tactics.

I stand in solidarity with the brave comrades who have refused to co-operate with the FBI, their uncompromising strength is an inspiration and an example to all of us. Stay strong and know that there’s a massive gang of peeps out there who have your back.

love and rage,
Franklin López

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