Dean Spade: Dismantle All the Apparatuses that Police, Deport, Imprison, and Destroy Us

The recent FBI raids of activists’ homes in the Pacific Northwest are part of a long tradition of political repression in the US. Law enforcement at the local, state, and federal levels exists to protect the interests of the rich, sustain white supremacy, and prevent the kinds of transformative change that people in the Pacific Northwest and all around the world are demanding loudly. The blatant violence and targeting of the recent raids, like the continual murderous brutality of police around the country and the outrageous destruction wrought by the US military every day around the world, reminds us of the urgent need for all of us to participate in resistance and stand in solidarity with each other in order to survive.

I am hoping for healing and wellness for the activists who have experienced these recent home invasions, for a consistent ongoing show of support for them as they continue their resistance, and for all of us to let this moment deepen our commitment to build the world we want and to see the connections between our many different experiences of state violence and repression so that we can work together to dismantle all the apparatuses that police, deport, imprison, and destroy us. Let us also be reminded of all the activists in prison today as a result of FBI efforts to destroy resistance movements and let us offer our support to them and to all people in prisons and jails in the US and around the world.

Dean Spade is an Associate Professor at the Seattle University School of Law, a member of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (, and author of Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law.

One response to “Dean Spade: Dismantle All the Apparatuses that Police, Deport, Imprison, and Destroy Us

  1. perhaps it’s “the need to resist, and stand in solidarity in order to ‘flourish and thrive’ and not merely to ‘survive’.” (thank you for the work you do.)

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