Updates as of 4:40 PM

Around 3:00 PM today, Matt was taken to a contempt of court hearing. The judge decided to make the hearing private instead of public. It is our understanding that this action is unprecedented since the McCarthy Era of political witch hunts. The entire 2nd floor of the Federal Court House in Seattle where the grand jury itself was taking place was closed off to the public as well as the 13th floor where the contempt hearings were taking place. As of this writing, Leah has not been taken to her contempt hearing yet.

As of 4:00 PM, Matt is now in federal custody. He has another hearing scheduled on Wednesday, September 26th. We do not know where is being taken yet, but supporters are still at the court house to support him.

As of 4:30 PM, Leah was released and re-subpoenaed. She does not know the date of her next subpoena.

We are asking for supporters to call Judge Richard Jones in his chambers at 206-370-8870 and demand that Matt not be charged with contempt and be released.

4 responses to “Updates as of 4:40 PM

  1. This may not be applicable (I don’t know all the details regarding immunity, which might change the nature of the contempt charge), but this was what I found in a Supreme Court decision and federal code:

    In re Oliver – 333 U.S. 257 (1948):


    1. The secrecy of petitioner’s trial for criminal contempt violated the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Pp. 333 U. S. 266-273, 333 U. S. 278.

    (a) The reasons advanced to support the secrecy of grand jury investigative proceedings do not justify secrecy in the trial of a defendant accused of an offense for which he may be fined or sent to jail. Pp. 333 U. S. 264-266.

    (b) An accused is entitled to a public trial, at least to the extent of having his friends, relatives and counsel present — no matter with what offense he may be charged. Pp. 333 U. S. 271-272.


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  4. Perhaps if your court wasn’t so contemptuous…
    Just a suggestion.

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