Multiple houses in Olympia and Seattle visited by the FBI this morning

At least 2 houses in Olympia and 2 in Seattle were visited this morning by the FBI, looking for a few different people. At least one of the people is being sought because the FBI wants to interview them about May Day/ black bloc. At this point it is unclear whether there are subpoenas for either of the people the FBI is looking for, or whether they’re trying a more informal approach.

If the FBI comes to your house or stops you on the street you don’t have to talk to them. If they give you a subpoena, don’t talk to them – call your lawyer or the NLG. Shut the door in their faces or walk away. It is never a good idea to talk to the FBI. Instead, call the National Lawyers’ Guild immediately at (888) 654-3265.

12 responses to “Multiple houses in Olympia and Seattle visited by the FBI this morning

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  2. The operative words are “I have nothing to say.” You may have to repeat them a few times. Feds are dense.

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    This is so fucked up.

  4. We are not being paranoid, we are reporting facts. Fuck the FBI. They are in no way putting their life on the line, they are merely harassing activists. This is either an incompetent attempt to gather information or more likely, an attempt to intimidate.

    Today (Apr 26) between 1-2pm Federal Marshals went to another house in the CD as well as the homeless youth service PSKS.

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  7. Going to a homeless youth center is in bad form. The young people go there to get their basic needs met not to profiled.

  8. When the devil(s) showed up on the door step, they struck a rock! Lol.
    Here’s what they have “won”:

    Full coverage of this kkkrap today on WOIC AM 1230 in Columbia, South Carolina (streamed live on at 7am (PDT).

    Davey D of Hard Knock Radio will have an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the people visited by the FBI on his show on KPFK 94.1 FM and at at 6pm (PDT) today as well.

    And MORE on the Special May Day 2013 episode of All Power To The Positive!, which drops on April 30th.

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