Matt and Kteeo’s hearing changed to February 28th, 9am

Matt’s and Kteeo’s hearing at which their lawyers will argue for their release from SeaTac FDC has been moved up to February 28th at 9am. The location is still the federal courthouse at 700 Stewart Street in Seattle. This is obviously a move to weaken solidarity – let’s not let the state succeed! Don’t forget to bring ID, otherwise you won’t be able to get into the courthouse.

2 responses to “Matt and Kteeo’s hearing changed to February 28th, 9am

  1. Solidarity greetings from Hamilton, Scotland.

  2. The Wizard of Cause

    I am planning to run a follow up story to the one below, which will be republished by numerous activist networks and independent media groups. I am hoping to find activists who will be in attendance at tomorrow’s event, who would be willing to provide photos, quotes, comments and/or reports on the hearing and event. Credit will be provided if desired, or contributors may remain anonymous. Please feel free to contact me at if you or someone you know is interested in helping get this story out there.

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