Summary of Maddy’s contempt of court hearing – 12/14

The first part of the hearing was open to the public. Maddy’s lawyer argued  that privacy had been breached because the affidavit for one of the search warrants had been leaked, and that the grand jury is chilling free speech and freedom of association. The prosecution didn’t want to talk about anything because they needed secrecy so the judge kicked out the public.

During the closed part, the prosecution said no, there’s no basis for any of those claims, there’s no affidavit from the defendant (Maddy) claiming either that they didn’t publish the statement being attributed to them or that they are afraid of bodily harm if they were to testify. Also fear of retribution isn’t a valid reason to not testify. In regards to the grand jury starting before May Day, the prosecution said the grand jury wasn’t investigating anarchists before May Day. The prosecution claimed that Portland anarchists were being followed prior to May Day for a related but separate investigation, and the July 25th raids were for something other than the grand jury.

The hearing was opened up again and the judge rejected Maddy’s lawyer’s arguments. The judge found Maddy in contempt and told them they have the keys to their own cell – if at any point they choose to be a snitch they will be let out of prison (wouldn’t it be nice if they actually had the physical keys to their own cell!). Maddy has to report to SeaTac FDC by 9am on Dec. 26th.

The hearing was closed again, and the prosecutor argued that there is very good reason to believe that Maddy will flee because of actions of others related to the case. The prosecutor said (paraphrasing): “Every day that goes on in this investigation, I am keenly aware of the fact that there are two other people in custody and that weighs heavily on my conscience, and the sooner we can bring this to indictments the sooner this will be over. This investigation is nearing its end and the longer we put things off with postponements the harder it is for us to move forward.” The judge said (paraphrase) “you make it seem like convincing this one witness to talk will bring this investigation to indictments. Do you have evidence to indicate that?” Prosecutor said “no I don’t.” Judge said “I don’t care what other people are doing, Maddy has shown up for every court date on time, I have no reason to believe Maddy is a flight risk.”


Remember, THE STATE is the body keeping Matt and KteeO in prison. Their feigned concern for Matt and KteeO is bullshit; if the state actually cared about Matt and KteeO, they could release them now (and all other prisoners while they’re at it).

7 responses to “Summary of Maddy’s contempt of court hearing – 12/14

  1. I would like to know the name of the US Prosecutor? I would also like to help organize a call in day to his office the next time there is a court date. I think we can get hundreds, if not thousands of people to call him and make him question the political value of pursuing this political repression. We just need to work together and prepare a few days ahead of the court date. These Northwest activists are heroes for refusing to appear!

    Solidarity! Tom Burke at

  2. Damn. My heart goes out to Matt and KteeO. May our community, town, city, state, nation, world come to a point when people are not put in prison for holding alternative values to any dominant system. With your courage we grow.

    In solidarity,

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  4. The judge called Matthew “Maddy”? Really?

  5. Is it normal for the prosecutor to admit that she does not have evidence?
    (From the blog post: “The judge said (paraphrase) “you make it seem like convincing this one witness to talk will bring this investigation to indictments.” Do you have evidence to indicate that?” Prosecutor said “no I don’t.”)

  6. That’s quite an admission!: They don’t have a case.

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