Grand Jury Resister Maddy Pfeiffer ordered to turn self in to prison on December 26th

maddy photo 1_largeMaddy Pfeiffer was steadfast in their refusal to cooperate with the federal witch-hunt against Pacific Northwest anarchists. They found guilt of civil contempt and will be sent to prison on December 26th for being unwilling to give any information about the people they know or the politics they hold. It is possible that Pfeiffer will be held until March of 2014.

In an earlier statement, the Committee Against Political Repression wrote:

“The state is trying to use broken windows as a reason to ruin people’s lives. This is absurd, and I will oppose it to the fullest. This life-ruining system which they call “justice” is organized to defend property and capitalism. This system is against everything I believe in.”

Currently a federal grand jury in Seattle is purportedly investigating the May Day protests, but it is widely decried as a witch hunt due to its focus only on the anarchist movement. Maddy will be joining KteeO Olejnik and Matt Duran who are in prison for their own dedication to their principles and refusal to provide information to an investigative body that they view as invalid. Both Oljnik and Duran remain strong in their resolve and appreciate the outpouring of support they have received from around the world.

Hundreds of supporters called and emailed District Judge Richard A Jones yesterday demanding an end to the grand jury investigation targeting people based on their political beliefs and the release of all those being held in contempt.


10 responses to “Grand Jury Resister Maddy Pfeiffer ordered to turn self in to prison on December 26th

  1. You don’t have to be an anarchist to recognize what is going on. This isn’t about the trashing of bank windows–that’s the pretext. In the era of the National Security State, this is a single instance of a broader, sustained pattern of intimidation and repression directed at those who dare to criticize and actively resist the destruction of what freedoms remain in this country. That is what we must do–criticize and resist this descent into totalitarianism.


    Just curious, why is it they have freedom before the 26th if they were found
    “guilty” of civil contempt? I haven’t heard of any of the other resisters receiving this luxury.

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  4. No mystery to it: It’s Xmas. The Judge/system wants everyone to buy, buy, buy–because it’s good for capitalism to buy tons of schlock that will end up, shortly, in the land fills. Leaving Maddy on the street until the 26th promotes this consumption from Maddy and his/they/their friends…plus the added bonus of appearing compassionate due to the Holidaze.

    It’s also possible Judge Jones didn’t want to give Maddy’s supporters a flash-point by jailing him that day in the face of an ongoing vigil.

    One needn’t be an Anarchist to see we already live in a totalitarian state…it’s not a ‘slide’ in to it, were up to our ears in the cesspool of totalitarianism. If you doubt this, try getting the system to play by its own rules. Let us know how that’s working for you because it definitely isn’t working here. Even those civil rights consistently upheld by the courts are trashed by the controllers of the state security apparatus. The same apparatchiks who insist all protests must be according to Hoyle are the 1st to ignore the law (like 1st Amendment guarantees, journalism, recording public event in public spaces, etc.) when it suits them or satisfies their own agenda. They’re often incompetent kontrol freaks, but the distinction between corruption and incompetence may be one without a difference.

    e.g. The state insists on a monopoly of violence while defending it’s own egregious violation of human rights and genocidal remote killings as collateral damage. But let a radical underground element engage in busting windows or assaulting a cop, THAT’s not permitted–a serious crime, even.

    The cops/authorities condemn ‘disruptive’ behavior as infringing on the 1st Amendment rights of others…reserving to themselves as to how define ‘disruptive’. But they don’t consider it ‘disruptive’ at all to interfere with 1st Amendment activities THEY dislike–the very essence of censorship and repression. Once again, the state wishes to reserve its monopoly on who can enjoy those civil rights enshrined in our Constitution. You might (if you have the resources and expertise) get your day in court some year, but in the meantime, you’ll be trespassed from the library, the State Capitol, the County Courthouse, the airport…all for nothing more (literally) than exercising well defined and settled Constitutional Rights under the 1st Amendment.

    We can dream of the system collapsing of its own weight or with a gentle nudge, but until then, it would be sufficiently ‘revolutionary’ to force the system/state to play by its own rules. It doesn’t. And it matters not whether the reason is corruption or incompetence–they have the same net effect in the end. Corrupt/incompetent cops and government stooges/apparatchiks are much greater threats to the community than the ‘criminal’ element.

    For that and all the other well articulated reasons, the Grand Jury Resisters must be supported despite any personal antipathy toward the personalities involved. That has no place in this discussion. Regardless of how I feel about my neighbor, I don’t want him/her ‘disappeared’ by the Gestapo. Matt, Kteeo, and now Maddy, are resisting the abuse of the federal Grand Jury system, warts and all. One needn’t be ‘cute’, ‘cuddly’, or ‘likable’ to stand on principle. Even ‘liberals’ stand aghast at the handiwork of the monster we’ve created.

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  7. Dividing resistance is realm of expert manipulators. Integrity in all facets deflects oppressor’s agenda. Love, compassion, courage and truth prevail in quest for authentic justice. Hear voice of each one targeted directly before passing info that very well could be untrue. All who have been jailed have a full story to tell. May each be truly heard. From beginning to end, start to finish.

  8. It is quite common in the USA for people to be freed whilst the Judge reaches a decision about sentence. There is no mystery about it.

    • Right, but the judge already reached a decision – Maddy will be held on civil contempt until they decide to testify (which we know will never happen), the grand jury expires, indictments are issued, or the judge decides Maddy can’t be coerced to testify. This isn’t like a trial where there’s a definite amount of time that someone is sentenced to.

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