“Anon-ops telcom division” does a DOS of the USDA office

crow-communiqueReceived anonymously:

“Dear Grand Jury Resisters,

Since last time we trained a bunch of crows to DOS the phone lines of the
USDA and we found this postcard in our mail box. Checking our accounts it
looks like the telco provider that was unwittingly routing thier attack got
wise and shut them down early. Don’t worry all crows are safe cause pigs
can’t fly! Our hearts and the hearts of all our brave feathered friends go
out to Maddy, Kteeo, Matt and everyone else who is being harrassed and
hunted by the state as a result of the pacific northwest grandjury.

Flying the bird with lulz at the responding sysadmins at the Seattle USDA
office today,
Anon-ops telcom division”

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