Political Witchhunts: Then and Now. Nov 17, Seattle

WHAT: Political Witchhunts, Then and Now: A conference on the history of
state repression of dissent in the Pacific Northwest, and on the current
wave of post-Occupy repression.

WHEN: Saturday, November 17, 2012. 2pm – 6pm. (Benefit hip-hop show to

WHERE: Black Coffee Co-op, 501 E Pine St, Seattle.

WHO: Kit Bakke (Former member SDS/Weather Underground; Author, “Dot to
Dot”); Mark Cook (former political prisoner and member, George Jackson
Brigade); Jenny Esquivel (Sacramento Prisoner Support); Kris Hermes (Grand
Jury Resistance Project); Mark Jenkins (Professor of Drama, UW Seattle;
Author, “All Powers Necessary and Convenient”); Ron Johnson (former Black
Panther Party, Seattle); Tabatha Millican (Committee Against Political
Repression, Portland); Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center); Jeff
Siddiqui (American Muslims of Puget Sound)

WHY: One year ago, Occupy camps across the country were brutally raided in
an attempt to put an end to the latest challenge to the status quo. In the
year since, Seattle alone has witnessed militaristic raids on homes, police
surveillance and harassment of activists, and the incarceration of a number
of young activists simply for refusing to testify. Nationally, felony
conspiracy trials are underway in a number of cities for events the FBI
openly admits were its own making. While such waves of repression have
failed to put an end to dissent and resistance, younger activists are still
often at a loss how to respond.

This latest wave of political repression is not the first of its kind in
living memory; whether the Red Scare of the 1950s, the COINTELPRO attack on
Black Power and antiwar movements of the 60s and 70s, or the ongoing racist
internment policies for Arabs and Muslims, movements and groups have been
responding to state repression of political expression and identity for a
very long time. Yet veteran activists have sometimes found themselves
disconnected from current movements, unable to share the lessons of the

Come hear scholars and activists discuss what they learned from their
experiences with repression and response. Come hear from those involved in
defense campaigns for those currently targeted and find out how you can
help. Open space discussion and workshops to follow.

Endorsed by the Committee Against Political Repression, the Civil Liberties
Defense Center, and the Rosenberg Fund for Children.

CONTACT: Seattle Anti-Repression Network, seattleantirepression (at) gmail
(dot) com. 206.327.8773

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  2. hey everyone, i work with flux rostrum at mobile broadcast news. i would like to say if there are anymore conferences such as the one below, and if you have streamers on site, and if we are not doing convergence work at the same time at some other site, i would love to broadcast such events by restreaming them through our site at http://www.mobilebroadcastnews.com. we feel it is important outreach and education to spread the word of what is happening to our comrades, sisters & brothers. you can contact us at staff@mobilebroadcastnews, or you contact me directly, here. thanks! and soulidarity. -Zen

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