Grand jury resister Maddy Pfeiffer released on continuance, new date set for December 14

Maddy Pfeiffer was released from the grand jury today on a continuance, after refusing to cooperate – their lawyer argued that the two weeks between subpoena and grand jury date were not enough to prepare. Maddy’s next grand jury appearance will be December 14th.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the solidarity rally today. Remember to keep writing letters to Matt and KteeO, who have been sitting in prison since September 10 and September 28, respectively!

5 responses to “Grand jury resister Maddy Pfeiffer released on continuance, new date set for December 14

  1. Can’t say I’m particularly fond of some of the Grand Jury resisters I’ve met or their tactics. But I do feel every real American owes them gratitude for refusing to buckle under the abusive weight of the current Grand Jury inquiry into political/ideological affiliations/associates. If this process were genuinely fair, it would be open to the public & press much like Congressional witch hunts…er, I mean hearings. I’m almost envious over how some of these have been transmuted from impudent snot nosed neophytes into martyrs. I suppose God fashions His handiwork from clay, not gold.

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  3. I am hoping to find someone who believes in civil liberties to take an interest in my story. It can only be read with a search for “New police weapon against homeless” and “Historic coverup of FBI and police crimes currently taking place”. No media will report the crimes you will read about and no civil liberties organization will even tell me they oppose government planned assaults on citizens. I also have a court case scheduled for January 8. Bill Anderson Middletown CT Masters degree Harding University 1993

  4. I’m ‘media’, Bill, and I’m willing to report it. I sent you e-mail but no reply. Give me the details and I’ll publish them. As far as legal representation, I’m only a paralegal and live on the opposite coast from Connecticut. In general, I’ve discovered having a lawyer is too often worse than having none at all. Go with what you’ve got. If you are all you’ve got, go with that! In all seriousness, it could be a blessing in disguise. I’ve never lost a case (there have been more than a few) representing myself. The only cases I’ve lost was where I was represented by an attorney. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but lawyers are often more the problem than the solution. That last case I had (Thurston) I sought a standby counsel because I wanted/needed to represent myself. The only (I’m not kidding) and best thing he did (besides holding up a chair) was stay out of the way! Know what?–I’m genuinely grateful for that…especially after prevailing on MY terms, i.e. WITHOUT going to trial. That’s not to say there are any guarantees, but always be prepared to go with what you have rather than what you wish you had.

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