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Details of Grand Jury Hearing Released and Contempt of Court Hearing Tomorrow

Leah-Lynn Plante returns to court tomorrow and is expected to be jailed for her refusal to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the anarchist movement. The other two subpoenaed, Matt Duran and Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik, are already in federal prison for their refusal.

Plante appeared before the grand jury on September 13, where she was asked about vandalism at the Federal Court House in Seattle on May 1, and about her association with Dennison Williams. Plante acknowledged knowing Williams, but on the advice of her attorney asserted her Fifth Amendment rights not to answer any questions.

Williams had been subpoenaed to an earlier grand jury and, together with Plante, released a statement pledging that they wouldn’t cooperate. Williams subpoena was then dropped.

Asked about the most recent hearings, Williams commented:

“Leah’s transcript confirms my and others’ suspicions that the reason for my subpoena being dropped is that I am a target of the grand jury investigation. I applaud Leah in staying strong through a process that has been terrifying and has uprooted her life. I am not discouraged by the disclosure of our acquaintance as it is clearly evident by the pictures we took with the ever charming Clyde, the mini-dachshund, accompanying our statement of intention to resist the Grand Jury. I am encouraged by her statement of future intentions and am happy to stand alongside her any time as an enemy of the state.”

TOMORROW, Tuesday Oct 9th, national fax & call in day!

Leah-Lynn Plante, the last of the 3 anarchists subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury in Seattle, will have her contempt of court hearing this Wednesday, Oct 10th at 9 am. It seems most likely that she will be held in contempt and taken into custody like Matt Duran and Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik in September.

On Tuesday, October 9th, we are asking all supporters to fax and call the US attorney, Jenny A Durkan, to demand an end to the grand jury and the release of all those subpoenaed. Below you will find a Fax Petition demanding that she end this witch-hunt. To join the petition effort, please follow these simple steps:

1) Go to

2) Fill out the form with your name and email address under Sender information.

3) Fill out Jenny A Durkan under Receiver Name and (206) 553-0882 for the Receiver Fax Line.

4) Copy the text at the bottom of this email into the box that says “Type text to appear on the cover page”. Personalize the text in the box to include your name and also anything else you would like to say.

5) Enter the confirmation code

6) Click the Send Free Fax Now button at the bottom of the box.

7) Check your email and click on the confirmation link. Clicking on this link will actually send your fax.

8) Wait for the email that confirms that your fax has been sent.

9) Once you have sent the fax, please CALL the U.S. Attorney’s office at (800) 797-6722 to confirm that they received it. We suggest something like the following script:

“Hello my name is Miguel Gomex, and I just sent your office a fax to ask that Jenny Durkan call off tomorrow’s contempt and grand jury hearings and end the investigation. I’m calling now to confirm that you received it. Would you check for me please?”

The person answering the phone may offer some general assurance that they are receiving faxes. If they do, please be insistent: “Please, it is very important to me that Ms. Durkin receive my message, and that my voice be added to the opposition to this grand jury. Would you please double-check to verify that you’ve received my message. My name, again, is Miguel Gomez.”

It may take a few minutes for them to find your fax. Please be patient while they do. Once they confirm that they have your message, remember to thank the staff for accommodating you.

10) Please send CAPR a message at, to let us know that you sent the message, and what response you received when you called.

Fax message:

End the Grand Jury Investigation of the Anarchist Movement

(Fax Petition)

To: Jenny Durkan

United States Attorney for Western Washington

Seattle, Washington

Fax Line : (206) 553-0882

Ms. Durkan:

I am writing to add my voice to the hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals who have telephoned you, written and signed declarations, and demonstrated in cities around the country demanding an end to the grand jury witch-hunt of anarchists and aligned activists in the Pacific Northwest and for all those subpoenaed to be released from contempt.

This case clearly shows that your office is persecuting political dissent. It is despicable that the US attorney and the FBI are harassing and intimating this group of people for their political beliefs. I demand that the grand jury investigation be ended immediately, that the governments repression of social movements stop, and that any items seized in the raids be returned to their rightful owners.


Matt moved to General Population

We found out today that Matt has been moved from the Secure Communication Housing Unit (solitary) to general population. Now he will be able to socialize with other inmates, play chess, make phone calls, and hopefully have access to more books. He says he has received a ton of letters. Let’s keep them coming, and remember to send lots of letters to KteeO as well!

In Regards to Snitchjacketing

Snitch Jacketing is a term originally used to describe an FBI tactic for sowing divisions within a target group through spreading suspicion of an informant. It has been used as an interrogation technique as well, feeding the target false information that other subjects have snitched in order to break their resolve.

Even worse than the police employing this technique to break up communities is when communities use this technique themselves when speculating about those involved with a state investigation.

In regards to the Grand Jury investigation in the Pacific Northwest, CAPR is assuming the best intentions of those who have been subpoenaed. In the event that someone does co-operate it will become evident in the resulting grand jury transcripts, records of those indicted (if there are indictments), and in the upcoming FOIA requests that we are committed to obtaining and publishing. Each of the subpeanuts has decided to take a different approach in resisting the Grand Jury. Each technique has allowed for varying degrees of transparency.

We are assuming that there will not be co-operation with the investigation and we are asking the same of the larger radical community. We are asking that you consider the
implications of the things you say about those who have been subpoenaed before speaking speculations about others.

If you have questions about this process or would like to contribute in some way please contact us.

The Committee Against Political Repression