Anoymous in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters

We cannot confirm this but we received this last email:

“Grand Jury Resisters,

Anonymous’ very own telecommunications division shut down the phone network
at the Seattle US District attorney’s office. We will run this attack
until later this afternoon.

Yours in the lulz,
Anon-ops Telecommunications”
Here’s the picture they sent us:

5 responses to “Anoymous in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters

  1. Does anyone think it’s odd that anonymous shuts down the phone system when one of the central tactics to showing support is calling and leaving messages with the attorney general’s office?

  2. I thought the same thing, mycelium. But who knows? Maybe lacking access to their phone services will jar them more than being bombarded with calls. We will find out soon either way.

  3. We shut down their telecom grid because we couldn’t get anybody into the building to kill the power. We do what we must, because we can.

  4. Nuts, but I like it. And, shutting off their communication seems to be a better idea than bombarding them with calls and faxes, when they could just ignore you.

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