Correction to Matt’s mailing address

We apologize for the mistake. The zip code is 98198, not 98191.

Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac,
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

17 responses to “Correction to Matt’s mailing address

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  3. All I can think about is how much I want to send you some books while your in there because getting probed by the man, man.
    I might be a stranger, as are you to me, but if I find out that they I’m gonna send you flowers and a few novels. Gee I wish I knew what you liked.
    Party on, man. \m/ . – Partying people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  4. Hello Matt!!! I work at a public library, oh wow, am I guilty too?!?!? Hi Ho!

    Mike Levinson
    “Flush Out the Fascists!”

  5. Can I actually send packages or just letters?

  6. Anthony Varicelli

    Teach them what it means in America to trample citizens civil liberties Matt! The Framers would be so ashamed of our government.

  7. Matt, although I am currently living in South America, I lived in the United States for 62 years. I left the US for important personal reasons but one reason I left is because the US is not the country I remembered as a youth or a country where I wish to be associated any longer. I see and hear about things that happen to you and it reminds me of things that I have read about Nazi Germany. Pattern seems to be identical. I know it is easy to say this from so far away, and not having to share your suffering, but stand firm for the rights given to you as a US citizen by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America.

  8. these things are extensively and exhaustively discussed in the rise and fall of the third reich, by william l. shirer and an illustrated history of the gestapo, by rupert butler.

  9. The problem here seems to be, basically … we have got nutcases in the law enforcement field. I read a little about this at the ‘sound and noise’ site. They did not do anything? They just owned a book? They are considering whether anarchism makes any sense? Asking whether a thing makes sense or not —- that is what the FBI are not doing. These law enforcement officials are very often basic deranged nutcases. There is a great, hidden story of the American masses: so many of them are off their rocker. It is so easy to become a law enforcement officer —- all you have to do is pass a test. Boy, is our country ever going downhill.

  10. You are a true hero, Matt!

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  12. You can usually only send books to a prison/jail if you do so through Amazon.

  13. Can you post a guideline as to what the prison he is staying at allows in mailings. I was in county for 2 months and I know every jail has unique and specific things it will allow and often if anything is done that they don’t allow they will trash the entire letter.

  14. <– What's with the Microsoft Tag looking QR code?

  15. For those asking, this is from the FDC Seatac’s inmate manual:
    Incoming general correspondence mail will be opened by the Mail Room Officer(s) and inspected for funds and contraband. Authorized mail includes letters, magazines and paperback books. An inmate may receive hardcover publications, newspapers, paperback books and magazines only from the publisher, book club or bookstore. The Warden may have all incoming publications inspected for contraband. The Warden may designate staff to review and where appropriate to approve all incoming publications in accordance with Program Statement 5266.11. You may not retain more than 5 publications in your possession at any one time. Inmates require written authorization prior to mailing or receiving packages. Specific requests may be submitted to your Unit Team. Unauthorized mail includes musical greeting cards, Polaroid photos, nude personal photos, plant material, non-inspectable items, etc. All unauthorized mail will be returned to the sender along with a rejection form explaining why the mail was rejected. Mail will normally be distributed after the 4:00 PM count.
    Correspondence with any other inmate requires prior approval. You may request
    approval from your Unit Team. Approval is limited to immediate family members or persons whom you are actively involved in an on-going legal case or appeal (e.g., co-defendants).
    Inmates found to be communicating with inmates in other units through note
    passing, communicating through the windows and/or through plumbing pipes, etc. can receive disciplinary action.
    Special Mail: For incoming correspondence to be processed under special mail procedures, the specific sender must be adequately identified on the envelope, and the front of the envelope must be marked “Special Mail – Open only in the presence of the inmate”. “Special Mail” includes correspondence received from the following: President and Vice President of the United States, Attorneys, Members of the U.S. Congress, Embassies and Consulates, the U.S. Department of Justice (excluding the Bureau of Prisons but including U.S. Attorneys), other Federal law enforcement officers, State Attorney Generals, Prosecuting Attorneys, Governors, U.S. Courts (including U.S. Probation Officers), and State Courts. The Warden or designee shall open incoming special mail only in the presence of the inmate for inspection for physical contraband and the qualification of any enclosures as special mail. The correspondence may not be read or copied if the sender is adequately identified on the envelope, and the front of the envelope is marked “Special Mail-Open only in the presence of the inmate”. In the absence of either adequate identification or the “special mail” marking , as indicated in this section, appearing on the envelope, staff may treat the mail as general correspondence and may open, inspect, and read the mail. It is your responsibility to inform your attorney of the procedure for handling Special Mail.
    You may not receive packages through the mail without prior written approval. We do not ordinarily authorize any packages with the exception of release clothing or legal materials. Per Program Statement 5800.10, Change Notice 01, dated August 19, 1998, all incoming inmate property packages must be authorized in advance, unless otherwise approved under another Bureau policy. An Authorization to Receive Packages or Property, BP-331(BP-S331) shall be used for this purpose. A BP-331 shall remain valid for no longer than 60 calendar days from the date of approval.
    If you are an indigent pre-trial or holdover inmate, you may be eligible to receive three postage stamps per week. If you are a sentenced inmate without funds, you are eligible to receive five postage stamps per month. Stamps are obtained through the unit staff with the Unit Manager’s approval. You will be able to purchase stamps from the Commissary on your purchase day. Inmates will not be able to possess more than 1 book of postage stamps or the equivalent of 20 stamps. If you require more postage, see unit team for approval. You may not receive stamps, or anything else of value, in the mail. Any unauthorized items will be returned to the sender. Correspondence will not be restricted as long as you do not abuse the privilege.
    Special/Legal mail will be sealed in the presence of the unit officer, to include officers working in Special Housing, by the inmate mailing the legal correspondence, between the hours of 5:00 PM and 9:30 PM daily. The inmate will present his/her identification card to the staff member. The staff member will ensure that the inmate has the proper return address and name on the legal correspondence.
    You will be solely responsible for the contents of any correspondence you place in the mailbox located on the wall in your housing unit. Incoming mail will be
    opened and inspected for contraband prior to delivery to the unit. FDC SeaTac does not accept funds from outside the institution thru the mail. Any funds received thru the mail will be returned to the sender with specific directions on how to send the funds to the national lockbox. Therefore, no U.S. currency, checks or money orders of any kind will be accepted. For inmates to receive funds, refer to the National Lockbox procedures.
    You may subscribe to publications if they are sent directly from the publisher and are pre-paid.
    Some types of publications that could jeopardize the security and the orderly running of the institution are strictly prohibited and will be returned to the publisher. Some examples are publications that explain weapons or explosive manufacturing and/or martial arts training materials and pornography, etc.

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