Update on Matt Duran

Update on Matt’s situation: Matt is being held in the Secure Housing Unit (isolation) at SeaTac. His lawyer guesses this is because he’s never been to prison before. He says he’s doing fine; reading trashy romance novels because that’s all he has access to. He may be moved to general population soon, where he’ll be able to play chess and have greater access to a phone.

The prison is so far not giving Matt access to all-vegan food, though he is applying for vegetarian food. We suspect he’d have much better access to vegan food if people resumed calling in and urging that he receive the food he needs!! (206-870-5700).

Matt’s next hearing is September 26th at 9am. We believe this will be at the federal courthouse (700 Stewart St. in Seattle), but we’ll update this when we confirm the location. Let’s pack the courtroom! His lawyer says this should be an open hearing.

Remember to keep writing to Matt! Here’s his address again:
Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
FDC SeaTac,
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198
How about a weekly get-together with your friends to write to Matt and other prisoners? 10 minutes out of your day could make a world of difference for someone locked in a cage!

6 responses to “Update on Matt Duran

  1. Reblogged this on Connection Reset By Peer and commented:
    Reportedly, the FBI search warrant was for black clothing, paint, sticks, computers and cell phones, and ‘anarchist materials or literature.’

    wtf ????????

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  3. Thanks for the story. I found it via a Facebook photo.

  4. A more recent update. Matt Duran and KteeO have been moved from solitary to prison general population (which is a very good thing) and there are petitions and booklists and Facebook groups and other manners of support for these two listed in the following blog:


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