Josh Harper: “Abolish the Grand Jury System”

Since their origin more than 200 years ago, grand juries have been used to find escaped slaves, intimidate women fighting for the right to vote, and harass activists opposing the Vietnam war. This legacy of repression and abuse now continues in the Northwest, as young people face raids on their homes and subpoenas just for espousing a political philosophy critical of the state. All people of conscience should raise their voices and banners against this witch hunt, and fight with whatever tools available to abolish the grand jury system.

Josh Harper is an activist from the Northwest most commonly associated with the SHAC 7 free speech trial. After serving 3 years in federal prison for making two speeches, he continues to advocate for direct action in defense of animals, wilderness, and human freedom. He is currently working to digitally archive and share old movement publications.

2 responses to “Josh Harper: “Abolish the Grand Jury System”

  1. Seriously? I know nothing of these 2 speeches, but I’d certainly like a copy of their text to see what limits have been imposed by the courts on our 1st Amendment guarantees. Can you post it on I’m kind of shocked, really, that pure speech could land you in prison. I heard Leah and her housemate speak at Traditions in Olympia on 9-7-12 last Friday. I’d really like to interview her and PUBLISH the interview because I think she presents well in public. But I don’t know if she’s comfortable with the idea of being more effective in the light than in the dark. I’m prone to the 1st, but your experience sounds like a pretty negative counter-example. 😦

  2. Josh, I got a copy of the indictment filed against the SHAC 7. As cynical as I am about government excess, I was surprised at the extent they went to persecute pure speech..and successfully. 😦 I posted a link to it (the indictment) on to illustrate how dangerous state oppression is to our fundamental liberties we take for granted. I’ve been attack myself, by the state or its hired agents, for criticizing/remonstrating with them seemingly in accordance with our Constitutional guarantees. More and more citizens are being persecuted for pure speech as we evolve further into a police state to the point where the society portrayed in the book, 1984, is beginning to look like ‘the good old days’! It’s looking pretty grim and I’m growing increasingly cynical, not because I think the corruption in government is intractable, but because I suspect the corruption in the people may be.

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