Grand Jury Dates and Demonstrations Postponed

Thanks to everyone who called in today. Hundreds of people flooded the US attorney’s office with calls. This afternoon the people subpoenaed for tomorrow’s grand jury hearing received word that their appearances were being postponed till mid September.

As of now, the solidarity demonstrations in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington have been postponed until the next appearance dates. We will update the website when we have more details about dates and times.

Again thanks to everyone who has been calling, attending or planning solidarity demos, putting on benefits and donating money. Your solidarity and support is much appreciated.

One response to “Grand Jury Dates and Demonstrations Postponed

  1. Hi the paypal donation button gives no email addy (paypal ID) for me to send money to when donating. Or, I think your paypal button might not be working. Please tell me what paypal acct to send my money too! Thanks for your work resisting political prosecution.

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