Press Conference and National Call In Day on Wednesday

Last week, Dennison Williams and Leah-Lynne Plante were subpoenaed to a federal grand jury investigating anarchists in the Pacific Northwest. The subpoenas were accompanied by a set of FBI raids, in which black clothing, flags, and anarchist literature was seized. They have been ordered to appear in closed-door hearings on August 2.

The Committee Against Political Repression urges everyone to support Dennison and Leah in their resistance.

Attend our press conference.
Time: Wednesday, August 1st at 8 am
Place: Gazebo at Peninsula Park in North Portland

Dennison Williams and Leah-Lynn Plante will be issuing a statement about grand jury resistance. Come join us and show your support and solidarity with these two people as they face repression from the FBI for their political beliefs and work.

Call In Day- Wednesday, August 1st.
Also on Wednesday, we are asking people to call the US Attorney for Washington, Jenny A Durkan, and demand an end to the grand jury investigation. You can reach her toll free, at: (800) 797-6722.

When you call the U.S Attorney’s office, please let them know that you are speaking for yourself and not the individuals resisting the grand jury subpoenas. Be aware of how the things you say may affect the people you are trying to help. Also, remember that the US Attorney’s office is law enforcement agency, and so be careful of being drawn into discussion or debate with them. Keep it short, polite, and to the point. For example:

“Hi. I am Doug Brown. I am calling about the grand jury being impaneled in Seattle, Washington this Thursday, August 2nd. I am disgusted that the FBI and government are persecuting political dissent in our country. This group of people is being harassed and intimated for their political beliefs. I demand that the grand jury and investigation be ended immediately and that the governments repression of social movements stop. Thank you for taking my comments.”

After you call, please email us ( and let us know how what kind of response you got from the Attorney’s office.

See our earlier post about how to support the grand jury resistors and those targeted by the raids for more ways to help out.

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